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Decorators are used to modify classes and its members (methods, properties).
The question may be, why do we need decorators to change those things? Why not directly change in the declarations?

Directly changing is not scalable. If you need the same changes in 100 classes, you have to write it…

Mechanical keyboards are fantastic. It’s one of the few ideas that were replaced by worse alternatives. Lightweight webpages have been replaced by bloated junks, fast desktop apps have been replaced by chromium wrappers made with electron. Awesome mechanical keyboards have been replaced by subpar rubber dome keyboards. Good thing is…

I read on a book that said “When you desperately want something, the universe conspires to make it happen”. This sentence is about perseverance, not desire. Focusing on something for a long time is a reflection of perseverance.

Focused work gives better return

The difference of results between continuous attention and fragmented attention over a…

Shakil Ahmed

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